Modular Employable Skill (M.E.S.) Under Skill Development Initiative (S.D.I.) Scheme

An Institutional Training through the registered Vocational Training Providers (V.T.Ps).

  • M.E.S. is the "minimum skill set" which is sufficient to get an employment in the world of work.
  • M.E.S. allows Skills Upgradation.
  • M.E.S. also allows multi-entry and multi-exist.
  • 1158 M.E.S. Courses approved by National Council for Vocational Training as on October, 2010.
  • Educational qualification varies from Class 5 pass to Class 12 pass depending upon the M.E.S. Courses.
  • Duration of Training varies from 50 hours to 600 hours.
  • The skill is to be assessed by the Assessing Body mainly from the Industry Organization.
  • Certification is done jointly by the National Council for Vocational Training and Industry (Assessing Body).
  • M.E.S. benefits different target groups like:
    • Early School drop-outs and un-employed.
    • Workers seeking skill upgradation.
    • Workers seeking certification of their skills acquired informally.

Admission Details:

Interested Candidates can walk-in into any Vocational Training Provider(V.T.P.) location and enroll themselves for courses the V.T.P. offers anytime of the year.


Key Features

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