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Directorate of Employment and Craftsmen Training

The Directorate of Employment and Craftsmen Training consist of two Services and these are

  1. Employment Service.
  2. Training Service

The Employment Service is rendered through the 11 District Employment Exchanges and 2 Sub-Divisional Employment Exchanges in the State.

Training Services is being imparted through a network of 10 Government Industrial Training Institutes spread over the 11 Districts in the State.


Employment Wing

  • To promote co-ordination between manpower supply and demand by rendering job assistance to job seekers/Employers.
  • To promote employability of job seekers and students through Vocational Guidance activities.
  • To facilitate Manpower Planning and analysis through effective implementation of Employment Market Information.

Training Wing

  • Vocational Training is concerned with imparting and acquisition of skills, knowledge and attitude.
  • It includes pre-service Training, apprenticeship Training and in-service Training.
  • It also includes upgradation of skills.

Implementation of Skill Development Programmes and Strengthening of Employment Exchanges for Enhancing Employability of the Youth will be the thrust area for the Department during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period with a target of training 6000+ people annually through 4 (four) Major Schemes these are,. Craftsmen Training Scheme (C.T.S.), Apprenticeship Training Scheme (A.T.S.), Skill Development Initiative (S.D.I.) Scheme and Short-Term Job-Oriented Courses (State Initiative). Further, Modernization of Employment Exchanges through the Employment Exchange Mission Mode Project (E.E.M.M.P.) of the Government of India will be taken up during this period.