Achievements during the 11th Plan and priorities for 12th Plan

The programmes/ schemes being implemented by the Directorate include the Centrally Sponsored Schemes and State Sponsored Schemes.

Achievements of the Department during the 11th Plan:

  • Two New Government I.T.Is have been set up in Sohra and Resubelpara making the Total Number of  Government, I.T.Is to 10 in the State.
  • Upgradation of Government, I.T.I. Tura under V.T.I.P. with World Bank Assistance and Government, I.T.I. Shillong under P.P.P. Mode are in progress.
  • The Up-gradation of the remaining 8 I.T.Is these, I.T.Is Jowai, Nongstoin, Williamnagar, Nongpoh, Baghmara, Sohra, Resubelpara and I.T.I (for Women) Shillong are being taken up under the Enhancing Skill Deficiency Infrastructure (E.S.D.I.) Scheme.
  • Second Shift will be introduced in all the existing Government I.T.Is from 2012-2013.
  • The Skill Development Initiative Scheme (S.D.I.S.) has been implemented and 11 Vocational Training Providers (V.T.Ps) has been Registered with 80 M.E.S. Courses.
  • Short-term Job Oriented Training Courses have been taken up in 8 Sectors and 28 Courses. 2,335 persons are under training and selection of 1000 persons is in progress.
  • The State Council for Training in Vocational Trades (S.C.T.V.T.) which is affiliated to National Council for Vocational Training (N.C.V.T.) has been Registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act 1983.
  • Initiative has been taken to conduct Skill-Gap Survey and Employment Market Demand in the State. Preparation of D.P.R. for State Specific Skill-Gap Analysis is in the final stages.

Priorities for the Directorate of Employment and Craftsmen Training in the 12th Plan

  • Implementation of Skill Development Programmes to train 6,250 Person in the year 2012-13 through 4 (four) Major Schemes viz,. Craftsmen Training Scheme (C.T.S.), Apprenticeship Training Scheme (ATS), Skill Development Initiative (S.D.I.) Scheme and Short-Term Job-Oriented Courses (State Initiative)
  • Setting up of New Government I.T.Is at Khliehriat, Ampati and Mawkyrwat.
  • Upgradation of Existing Government I.T.Is
  • Conducting Skill-Gap Analysis and Employment Market Demand Survey in the State.
  • Strengthening of Employment Exchanges.
  • Modernization of Employment Exchanges through the Employment Exchange Mission Mode Project (E.E.M.M.P.) of the Government of India. 
  • Develop and maintain a Web Portal of the Employment Exchange that provides direct access for exchange of information to serve as a bridge between Job Seekers and Employers, Training Providers and Potential Trainees and Service Providers (Unorganized Sectors) and Users.