Counselling List

Slno. Name of ITI Trade Name Date of Counselling Action
1 Industrial Training Institute, Tura 1.Catering & Hospitality Assistant, 2.Carpentry 3. Dress Making 4.Electrician 5.Fruits & Vegetables Processing 6.Fitter 7.ICTSM 8.MMV 9.OAMT 10.Plumber 11.Stenography 12.Welder 29th & 30th August, 2023 in the Campus of ITI Tura, Araimile View List
2 Industrial Training Institute, Nongpoh 1.Mason, 2.Welder 3.Plumber 4.Wireman 29th August, 2023 at ITI Nongpoh View List
3 Industrial Training Institute, Shillong 1.Baker & Confectionery, 2.Electrician 3.Solar Technician 4.Carpentry 5.Fitter 28th August, 2023 at ITI Shillong, Rynjah View List
1.Multimedia Animation & Special Effect 2.Welder 3.Wireman 4.Digital Photography 5.Plumber 29th August, 2023 at ITI Shillong, Rynjah View List
1.Civil Draughtsman 2.Fruits Vegetables & Processing 3.Mechanic Motor Vehicle 4.Stenography 5.Driving cum Mechanic (LMV) 6.Surveyor 30th August, 2023 at ITI Shillong, Rynjah View List
4 Industrial Training Institute, Women Shillong 1.Dress Making 2.Cosmotology 3.Computer Operator & Programming Assistant 4.Catering & Hospitality Assistant 5.Advance Dress Making 6.Weaving of Silk & Woolen Fabrics 31st August, 2023 at ITI Shillong, Rynjah View List
5 Industrial Training Institute, Sohra 1.Office Assistant cum Computer Operator 2.Catering & Hospitality Assistant 3.Plumber 4.Mason (Building Constructor) 30th August, 2023 at 10:30 A.M at ITI Sohra Mawpunkyrtiang, Sohra View List
6 Industrial Training Institute, Jowai 1.Stenography 2.Electrician 3.Mechanic MV 4.Welder 5.Fruits & Vegetables Processing 6.Horticulture 7.Mason 6th September, 2023 at ITI Jowai View List
7 Industrial Training Institute, Williamnagar 1.Stenography 2.Horticulture 3.Wireman 4.Mason 5.Soil Testing 28th and 29th August, 2023 at 0:30 A.M at ITI Williamnagar, Samgong View List
8 Industrial Training Institute, Resubelpara 1.Floriculture 2.Mason 3.Plumber 4.Wireman 29th August, 2023 at 11:00 A.M at ITI Resubelpara View List
9 Industrial Training Institute, Baghmara 1.General Carpenter 2.Mason 3.Soil Testing & Crop Technician 29th August, 2023 at ITI Baghmara View List
10 Industrial Training Institute, Ampati 1.Welder 2.Surface Ornamentation 3.Office Assistant cum Computer Operator 30th August, 2023 from 11:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M at ITI Ampati View List